2014: A Year of Rise or Fall

Jan 19, 2014


Falling_TowerEvery year has its own personal vibration. This is what many Numerologist refer to as; personal cycles in consciousness, or what I refer to as an underlying theme for collective consciousnes. The year 2014 equals the number 16/7 (2+0+14= 16) The number 16 in Numerology is considered Karmic and equates to our past actions, thoughts and beliefs. The only way to navigate through this Universal cycle is to understand a simple rule of thumb! Rise or Fall. Greed or Gratitude. Faith or Fear. Higher road verses the lower road. Action equals reaction, therefore if our thoughts are based in kindness and compassion, then we will receive according to the labors of our thinking. Think Big! Think Good. Thoughts will become things in 2014.