Back in a Minute

Oct 5, 2015

AngelBlood stained sheets on the hospital gurney belong to me. Doctors and medical staff wear panicked faces as they shove me through the O.R. doors. A flat line crash cart pushed by a nurse is placed near monitors.

“He has lost too much blood. His hemoglobin is below six!”

Another voice yells. “We’re losing him…”

A thunderous reverberation bounces through the tunnel of white light. Translucent images call my name, guiding me to a Native American Indian man who sits upon a rock. His hands are extended, as though he beckons me. Blue water colors spin like a rotating bicycle wheel, somehow permitting me to enter into this gateway. Melodic musical notes unite with my past actions as they merge into one continuous atmospheric photographic grid of my entire life. Love is the over riding message that hums in my ear. Over and over this universal expression consumes me with such velocity, that I feel I will not grasp its full essence. Yet, I do. Insight beyond my intellectual capacity allows an onslaught of future prophesies that have yet to occur.  A mysterious feminine voice speaks softly through this tunnel of pallid light, declaring love and kindness are mankind’s keys to earth’s salvation.

Vibrant colors bound to harmonious notes dance to a mystifying rhythm. The next revolutionary message begins to unfurl and then a far away voice summons me. His distressed outcry pleas…

“His pressure is dropping. He is going into V-tach! Give him another amp of atropine now!”

“Stand clear!” Another voice speaks.


Paddles thrust my torso upward. Seconds turn to split seconds. Waves of bright light descend upon my frail body, propelling my spirit into another realm. Global intelligence incases my being at such momentum, I am amazed at my ability to digest its content. I witness all of mankind’s injustices and promptly comprehend that we must make amends to those we have harmed. It is not what we have done, though this is crucial, but how quickly we take responsibility for those we have wronged. Moments of human error are like dress rehearsals.  It is the definitive audition! Practicing our lines prepares us for opening night. Whether we believe or doubt, the law of cause and effect are shaped because of what we do or don’t do.

Flashes of information continue to unfold as my life review whirls before me.  Should have and could have are a familiar and personal dialogue I know so well. An accelerated new impression rings loudly through out these spacious surroundings I glide within. “No one will see this but me…” echoes at the core of my soul. I view this past action with the purest of compassion, I honor it and move on to the next luminous sequence. Suddenly, a burst of brightness consumes my non-physical body. Blue-golden light envelops me and a voice I recognize speaks.  “Begin and end your day with gratitude. Miracles transpire everyday. When you are at peace, you recognize these precious gifts.” I hear this voice. I know this voice. It’s my voice that calls to me.  How can that be?

“Mr. Anthony! Mr. Anthony! Can you hear me?” My eyes feel heavy and the pain has returned. A stranger wearing a white lab coat stands over me.

“Please wake up! I am Doctor Miles.” He is calm. “Can you hear me?”

Doctor Miles words become inaudible and his sentences become background noise. “It took four units of pack cells to complete your blood transfusion. There is no cure for your disease unfortunately …..” I fade into darkness.

Another voice awakens me hours later. Darkness peers through a window, near the night table and the aroma of flowers floods my room. I look intently at a Native American Indian man. “Surrender,” his tone is gentle. “Surrender to peace.” His image vanishes quickly as a night nurse enters my room.