Evolution or Revolution

Apr 7, 2011

A Time of Inner Change

Green_MeditationThe number 3 (I I I) is thought to house miraculous enlightments as long as we understand the true value of our worth. Considered to be the number of balance, fairness, kindness and spoken wisdom, its most sacred credo is resurrection. When humankind vibrates to the corresponding laws of karma (balance) an awakening within our own consciousness allows a path of peace. Through this karmic opportunity we become tuned into the by-laws of Non Violent Evolution. The more humanity seeks collective peace, the more extremism expresses itself. It is the swinging of the pendulum that we notice more, rather than the balanced outcome it calls for. Our media, political leaders and corporations constantly fuel daily conflict, thus keeping us prisoner of an illusion that does not exist, other than by those who perpetuate it. Our mission as peaceful beings is to recognize the conflict, determine what is real or edited truth and not fuel more conflict with duality extremism, which divides us even more. As we ascend further into this decade, we must allow evolution and not revolution its birthright. When love of truth outweighs the need for conflict, mankind will activate the call of friendship between nations. Peace!