Live Appearances

 Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.

August 20-21, 2016
“Peter Anthony is an unusually gifted story teller who speaks from his heart. He uses his inner skills, developed by meditation, to put together the intriguing events of his near-death experience that both fascinates and amuses his audiences. Peter’s involvement with known personalities from movies and media enriches his presentations and I highly recommend him as a speaker that will educate and entertain your group.”


– Neil Helm, Board Member, Virginia Beach IANDS


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 Marin IANDS

June 17, 2016
“Peter Anthony gave a remarkable presentation about his experience of consciousness after he died. Mr. Anthony lucidly described in detail, some of the most powerful insights from the other side to an auditorium full of people. Peter’s lecture not only brought laughter and tears, but was one of the best NDE presentations I have ever heard.”


– Ellie Schamber, Ph.D., Facilitator of Marin, CA IANDS


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 Seattle IANDS

June 11, 2016
“When the standing ovation was over and the long applause had died down, those in attendance at Peter Anthony’s lecture in Seattle, wanted to know when we would have him back. Not a surprising question given the quality of Peter’s inspirational, entertaining presentation.   We love Peter Anthony!”


– Kimberly Clark Sharp, Best Selling Author, “After The Light”


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 Santa Barbara IANDS

January 13, 2016
“Peter Anthony was a HUGE hit with Santa Barbara IANDS. Mr. Anthony was warm, engaging, and TRULY inspirational!!”


– Barbara Bartolomé, Founder of Santa Barbara IANDS


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 Orange County IANDS

December 12, 2015

“Never in the 11 years of Orange County IANDS has a speaker been so compelling that all their books sold out. That speaks volumes. Thank you Peter Anthony for sharing your NDE.”

– Robin Barr, Facilitator OC IANDS


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 Arizona IANDS

November 11, 2015

“Numerous audience members from Phoenix/Mesa and Tucson said, “Peter Anthony was a hit!! His sincerity and authenticity was so apparent. As the facilitator of IANDS Arizona, I believe that perspective illustrates the spirit that was clearly evident in Peter’s lecture.”

– Chuck Swedrock, AZ. IANDS Co-Facilitator


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 The Awakening is Here

Peter Anthony – Open your Mind to the Extraordinary

August 17, 2011
“Everyone loved Peter Anthony’s presentation on, The Awakening. Mr. Anthony is definitely one of the most compelling speakers we have ever had.” 
– Denis Purcell

 Well Spirit Fitness Center

Peter Anthony – Blind Faith: A Near Death Experience

April 15, 2009
“The Well Spirit Center was blessed to have, speaker, Peter Anthony share his wisdom with us. Mr. Anthony is truly a Master of our time.”
– Rev. Linda Orrick