The Age of Balance and Fairness

Jul 16, 2015

ScalesWe have stepped into the Age of Balance and Fairness. There are those who say we are heading towards nowhere. I say, we are now here! Collective consciousness always calls for a two (2) choice possibility. In other words, there are two (2) different choices, with two (2) varying outcomes. Fairness, justice and equality will go on to cross the threshold of consciousness until extremism returns to its place of nothingness. The ‘war on women’ will continue to dance upon political stages, until the truth of these angry, old, insidious, white men, with bad haircuts, are exposed. Non profit, behind the scenes truth, of the Komen Foundation’s Race for the Dollar turned out to be more significant than Race for the Cure. Planned Parenthood will carry on, but what waits at the front lines for a woman’s right to choose in the near future? Will the middle class endure more voter suppression from these notorious, old men in red states in 2016? What is the next round of political attacks from the NRA as they employ the Second Amendment to shoot away the need for our children’s safety? Enough is enough!! Our time is now!

October 15, 2016, will become the next notable time in our history. Why? What defining moment looms? Will past, historical, ruling empires, such as Greece, Great Britain, Russia and China continue playing pivotal roles in today’s blueprint? How will Rome or Spain fuse into this next approaching cycle? Is it possible that the Catholic Church can endure any more scandal? Will the bow and arrow between Israel and Iran unravel? What about Hillary? Will true American leadership come forward? Or will those who promise change continue to use narrow-mindedness and hide behind false values and destroy the basic foundation of democracy? We are at a two (2) point intersection that clearly demonstrates that previous empires poor leadership brought them down on Wounded Knee. Perhaps history is repeating itself on a karmic level, allowing us to go beyond the complex, technologically, advanced world we live in and remind us that the Rise and Fall of mankind is quite simple. Greed is the demise of all great civilizations and mankind is too eager to give power to those who are too eager to take his power away!

Like many things in life that are forgotten or set aside (i.e. history), one must remember that love, balance and fairness can restore anything to its former brilliance. Let us re-build, re-think and re-create our House of Hope. Two choices exist. Nowhere or now-here! It’s our choice.