An Oz Epiphany

November 13, 2016

Suddenly an epiphany takes hold. I realize that, like [when in] St. Thomas, this trip has become a turning point in my life. I am living through one of the all-time greatest American films, with four of the main characters put to a contemporary setting. No other movie in our history has had a bigger effect on young and old people alike; moving every generation with its heart-tugging story, The Wizard of Oz.

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Back in a Minute

A Near Death Experience

October 5, 2015

Blood stained sheets on the hospital gurney belong to me. Doctors and medical staff wear panicked faces as they shove me through the O.R. doors. A flat line crash cart pushed by a nurse is placed near monitors.

“He has lost too much blood. His hemoglobin is below six!”

Another voice yells. “We’re losing him…”

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August 23, 2015

There is only one (1) tarot card that describes where America is, in terms of our Political Consciousness in, 2015. That card is ‘The Emperor’ tarot card. Referred to as a wealthy, egoistical man, who is in no need of allies, this Monarch will stand up and strike at the moment he is challenged.

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We have stepped into the Age of Balance and Fairness. There are those who say we are heading towards nowhere. I say, we are now here! Collective consciousness always calls for a two (2) choice possibility. In other words, there are two (2) different choices, with two (2) varying outcomes.

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The Key Master

May 10, 2015

Brussels came to me on Good Friday, in St. Thomas, during the celebration of Carnival’. He spoke. I listened. I did not believe. Brussels came to me, Good Saturday on a beach known as, Magan’s Bay, (locals called it, Heaven’s Gate). He spoke. I pondered. Brussels came to me Easter Sunday morning, at a famous book store called, The Octopus. He spoke. I listened, I pondered, I heard the truth. I traveled back to America through “The Bermuda Triangle” (locals called it, The Devils Gate) I went out to the masses. I spoke. No one listened. I wrote. No one believed. I traveled across the world and spoke of Brussels. Some pondered. Many listened. Today, thousands believe. One person can make a difference. Is it you?

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Every year has its own personal vibration. This is what many Numerologist refer to as; personal cycles in consciousness, or what I refer to as an underlying theme for collective consciousness. The year 2014 equals the number 16/7 (2+0+14= 16) The number 16 in Numerology is considered Karmic and equates to our past actions, thoughts and beliefs.

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Evolution or Revolution

A Time of Inner Change

April 7, 2011

The number 3 (I I I) is thought to house miraculous enlightments as long as we understand the true value of our worth. Considered to be the number of balance, fairness, kindness and spoken wisdom, its most sacred credo is resurrection. When humankind vibrates to the corresponding laws of karma (balance) an awakening within our own consciousness allows a path of peace.

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As we go beyond the year 2012 there will be a renaissance of sacred laws that must be reviewed. The Spiritual Karmic Commandments are precise. Their by-laws of cause and effect stipulate certain outcomes for all of humankind regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation religious background, financial advantages or disadvantages.

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What may appear to be a global divergence may be a miracle transcending consciousness to an entire new level of compassion. Perhaps these challenges need to be scrutinized inwardly, especially when repeated astrologoical patterns continue to reoccur. What is the divine message? What are these numerical God codes?

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