Aug 23, 2015



Chinese_EmperorThere is only one (1) tarot card that describes where America is, in terms of our Political Consciousness in, 2015. That card is ‘The Emperor’ tarot card.  Referred to as a wealthy, egoistical man, who is in no need of allies, this Monarch will stand up and strike at the moment he is challenged. Anyone and all, must yield to this loud-mouthed man or suffer the consequences. The Emperor card sits majestically on a throne, dressed in armor, surrounded by gold, holding a dagger, and tolerates nothing but obedience. This tyrant will strike down any one that opposes him. Does anyone come to mind?

As I glance at this Presidential ‘Carnival Act of Politicians,’ vying for the most powerful throne in the free world, I wonder if we are truly aware of this karmic implication of past rulers, who were elected by the purse of wealth, and later went against the butcher, the baker, and the candle stick maker. Are we ready for a Plutocracy Lordship? Perhaps these men, who speak from both sides of the face, will usher in a communal lesson known as, The Awakening? A lesson only repeats itself, if the lesson is not learned. That includes our leaders; we so eagerly give our power to, only to have it eagerly used against us in years to come.  Be warned. Plutocracy is here.