The Accidental Prophet

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Ethan’s life-altering journey continues…

Key Master 

by Peter Anthony

KeyMasterNewCoverThe first book in the planned Key Master Trilogy. Follow Ethan’s growth as an individual as a mysterious stranger enters his life at key moments, with consciousness altering words and actions.

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Miracle Dogs: Rescue Stories

Miracle Dog – Kody by Peter Anthony
December 19, 2014


I was awakened with a jolt in the middle of the night; his floppy ears, sad eyes, and sleek coat were visible to me, and I sensed someone pulling on his blue collar. The dream was calling me, begging me for attention…

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Epoch Times

After a near-death experience, artist loses skill but mysteriously gains other abilities
September 2017

Math was never Peter Anthony’s strong suit; he was an artist from a young age. He was also agnostic. So when he had a profoundly spiritual near-death experience and emerged from it strongly attuned to mathematics, his whole world changed.

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Kinetics Magazine

Key Master. Red! or Blue? by Peter Anthony
Sept/Oct. 2012

The ancient art of Numerology teaches that everything comes down to a choice… Choice is based upon a decision which produces an outcome. Outcome is known as the result of our choice. All outcomes create a wheel of possibilities…

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Kinetics Magazine

Our Lady Venus by Peter Anthony
May/June 2012

Metaphysical science teaches; nothing will change until our thoughts change. In order to change something that no longer serves purpose, we must identify the steps of consciousness that brought us to this point of reality…

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Kinetics Magazine

Fairness by Peter Anthony
March/April 2012

We are in a time of great responsibility… Past elders and prophets of prior centuries spoke of a major shift or an ending in the year, 2012. Perhaps it’s not the end of the world as we know it, but, rather the end of a system that is outdated…

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Kinetics Magazine

Back in a Minute by Peter Anthony
May/June 2011

Blood stained sheets on the hospital gurney belong to me. Doctors and medical staff wear panicked faces as they shove through the O.R. doors. A flat line crash cart pushed by a nurse is placed near monitors…

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Bottom Line Magazine

The Accidental Prophet by P.J. Maytag
March 2008

Author Peter Anthony prefers the word messenger over prophet. “These aren’t all my visions,” he tells me as we sit in his study, discussing his book, Key Master, on a gorgeous winter day in February…

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Cliff Dweller Magazine

This House of Hope by Peter Anthony
December 2007

Peter Anthony is a local writer who’s first book will be released nationally in 2008. In the following creative reflection, Anthony describes how he transformed his house into a beloved home, and how it, in turn, transformed him.

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